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Making workplaces inclusive for breastfeeding employees

CBMG recognizes the Calgary Mortgage & Housing Corporation for their recent breastfeeding-friendly policy: Making workplaces inclusive for breastfeeding employees! Calgary Mortgage & Housing Corporation recognizes the challenges faced by breastfeeding mothers in public settings. In the workplace, no employee should ever be in the situation of having to pump breast milk in a bathroom stall […]

Meeting with Associate Health Minister Payne

On November 22, 2017, Jennifer House (co-chair CBMG) & Jennifer Peddlesden (Political Action Committee, CBMG) met with the associate health minister Brandy Payne. We were requesting: 1) Funding of human donor milk in postpartum units. This would save money and health of infants who are supplemented instead with formula, when required. Formula fed infants have […]