Making workplaces inclusive for breastfeeding employees

CBMG recognizes the Calgary Mortgage & Housing Corporation for their recent breastfeeding-friendly policy:

Making workplaces inclusive for breastfeeding employees!

Calgary Mortgage & Housing Corporation recognizes the challenges faced by breastfeeding mothers in public settings. In the workplace, no employee should ever be in the situation of having to pump breast milk in a bathroom stall or conference room.
We want to make sure that breastfeeding employees have access to reliable, clean, and private space to pump. To that end, we are pleased to announce the creation of a lactation room in B0-200-08, which can be reserved. In regional offices, private multi-use rooms can be reserved for this purpose as well.
CMHC continues to be committed to fostering an inclusive environment that encourages our employees to bring their greatest talents, perspectives, and experiences to the workplace.”

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  1. Customwritings
    Customwritings says:

    I never comment, but enjoyed in your post and something caught my eye. I had a baby boy a year ago and he also had a problem with his tongue. It was discovered on his forth day and the doctors were surprised that he breastfed so good cause it almost always causes problems with breastfeeding. We did the process immediately in the hospital wich lasted literally 5seconds and everything was even better from than on. I can honestly just recommend it to you to do it when she is still so young, but of course it is your decision. Good luck, I’m looking forward following your journey


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