Who can join the CBMGF?

Anyone interested in our mandate is welcome to be a member.

How do I become a CBMGF member?

Membership fee is $30/year.

Purchase your membership here. (Please see note below, before you purchase)

*Note: Please email to let us know your: address, phone # and whether you are a lactation consultant (if so, year certified), so we can add you to our list!

What are the benefits to being a CBMGF member?

– Each year CBMGF members receive a discount to our CERPS Conference to qualify for CERPS (Continuing Education Recertification Points for IBLCE).

– Keep abreast of breastfeeding events and campaigns in the city

— Choose the level of commitment you are comfortable with

– Lots of opportunities to be involved with our various Committees: Community Outreach, Political Action and CERPS Conference

– Suggest and spearhead your own breastfeeding projects, initiatives, & committees

– Opportunity to work with other interested groups in the city on a variety of exciting projects

– Meet fun and welcoming people who are passionate about breastfeeding promotion!

How can I update my membership information?

Please email our treasurer with your new address, email and/or other personal information necessary to keep our membership database up-to-date.

How often are meetings held and who can attend?

The CBMGF Executive Working Group meets approximately 3 times a year. The Annual General Meeting is held in January, and Business Meetings are held in January, April and September. Everyone is welcome to attend!

Download the minutes from our last meeting here: May 8 2017 Minutes

When is the next meeting?

When: Sept 2017, date TBA
Where: MacLeod Trail Co-op meeting room