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Thyme Maternity’s Partnership with Nestle

Thyme Maternity’s partnership with Nestle. Email to Thyme Maternity: January 25, 2011 To Whom it May Concern; I am writing on behalf of the Calgary Breastfeeding Matters Group Foundation, to take issue with Thyme Maternity’s partnership with Nestle. By providing pregnant women with formula samples, your current partnership threatens the mom and baby breastfeeding relationship. […]

Bottle Feeding Baby on Motherisk Webpage

Image of Mother bottle feeding baby on Motherisk webpage. Email To Media Relations and Policies Sickkids; Webmaster Motherisk: Dear Ms Lipkin, Ms Simeon, Ms Nicholson, and Motherisk Webmaster, A Lactation Consultant colleague of mine, Maureen Fjeld, pointed out that the picture on your homepage of a mother and baby includes a feeding bottle. Though this […]

Right to Breastfeed in Restaurants

Interview Regarding Mother’s Right to Breastfeed in Restaurants (we have a long way to go, but applaud Yasmin, a SAIT journalism student for addressing the issue) Breastfeeding in Restaurants by Yasmin Mayne, SAIT journalism student Mothers who breastfeed in restaurants make some people uncomfortable, but that does not mean they should forsake the health of […]

Thyme Maternity Selling Customer Names

Thyme Maternity selling customer names to corporations (including Nestle), without consent May 27, 2014 Dear Thyme Maternity Privacy Officer, I have avoided shopping at Thyme Maternity during my pregnancy, as I know your store partners with Nestle, which I do not agree with. Nestle’s marketing is a violation of the International Code of Marketing of […]

Chinook Centre Breastfeeding Policy

Chinook Centre Breastfeeding Policy December 6, 2015 6455 Macleod Tr SW Calgary AB T2H 0K8 Attention: Stacie Woolford, Marketing Manager Reference:  Chinook Centre Breastfeeding Policy A local mom visited the Santa at Chinook mall on around 11am on Saturday Dec 5, 2015. She registered for her daughter to meet Santa and waited in the play […]

Human Milk in Postpartum Units

Advocating for funding of human milk in postpartum units. The health minister did reply, that this was an AHS issue, and to contact them (still in the works!). June 23, 2016 The Honourable Sarah Hoffman, Minister of Health 423 Legislature Building 10800 – 97 Avenue Edmonton, AB Canada T5K 2B6 Health.minister@gov.ab.ca Dear Minister Hoffman, Reference:  […]

Marketing of Breast Milk Substitutes

SSUE – Canada does not enforce the International Code of Marketing of Breast milk Substitutes. An original letter was sent to Sophie Gregoire-Trudeau. Her office responded that we should contact the Minister of Status of Women. The Minister of Status of Women responded that we should contact the Health Minister. So here is our letter […]

The Calgary Foodbank

The Calgary Foodbank In response to CBMG Political Action Committee member Jen Peddlesden’s letter to food bank manager Dolores Coutts regarding a Calgary Herald Swerve article (see Issues link), the Political Action Committee was invited to meet with the Calgary Interfaith Foodbank. Food bank staff gave Jen House and Jen Peddlesden  a full tour of […]

Alberta Human Rights Commission

Alberta Human Rights Commission on Pregnancy Childbirth and Adoption For clarifying wording in their documentation to explicitly state that nursing mothers cannot be asked to cover up or leave as a result of a letter from Jodine Chase, Board Member Alberta Breastfeeding Committee: https://www.albertahumanrights.ab.ca/Bull_pregnancy.pdf Do retailers have to allow women to breastfeed on the premises? […]